mute (2016)

Danish star Albert Bendix leads A Color Green's directorial debut as Mute Man, a tongue-chopping madman chasing three kids who stumble into his neck of the woods. 

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12/8-11 - Bogotá Short Film Festival - Bogota, Columbia

12/3 - Mirror Mountain Film Festival - Ottawa, ON

12/2 - Videodrunk Film Festival - Toronto, ON

11/30 - Little Terrors - Toronto, ON

11/18 - Buried Alive Film Festival - Atlanta, GA

11/6 - Morbido Film Festival - Mexico City, Mexico

11/3 - SA HorrorFest - Cape Town, South Africa

10/31 - San Sebastian Horror Festival - San Sebastian, Spain

10/29 - Morce-Go Vermelho Festival - Goias, Brazil

10/29 - Glasgow Horror Festival - Glasgow, UK

10/29 - Twisted Horror Film Festival - Woodward, OK

10/29 - Taupo Halloween Film Festival - Taupo, New Zealand

10/29 - Fright Night Flix 66 Film Festival - British Columbia, Canada
*Scariest Film, Scariest Killer: Albert Bendix

10/25 - La Mano Fest - Madrid, Spain

10/21 - Dickens Horror Film Festival - Longmont, CO

10/16 - Brooklyn Horror Film Festival - Brooklyn, NY

10/14 - Tucson TerrorFest - Tucson, AZ

10/8 - Philly Unnamed Film Festival - Philadelphia, PA

10/8 - Slash & Bash Film Festival - Topeka, KS

10/1 - Haunted Oaks Film Festival - Pittsburgh, PA

9/17 - Sydney Underground Film Festival - Sydney, Australia

9/8 - Horrible Imaginings - San Diego, CA

6/18 - FilmQuest Film Festival - Provo, UT

5/28 - SEVERED Film Festival - Stroudsburg, PA

4/21 - BK Horror Club - Brooklyn, NY



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